Whole30 Week 3, Recap

Whole30 is over THIS. WEEK. So, I'm late as usual on the recap but so it goes.

Week three was a good one. My crazy weird bladder flares finally went away and I felt pretty good in general. Really good at times! Both my moods and blood sugar have felt more stable which is a huge win. I can easily go from meal to meal without getting cranky / hangry and I haven't even missed sugar all that much. The past week has been a bit different in that regard though as I knew I was coming up on my period and when I'd typically be craving more junk and yes, sugar. Surprisingly I really haven't craved CHOCOLATE all that much. Maybe it's because my micro-nutrients are UP (magnesium?) and less sugar begets less sugar <cravings.>

I tried some new foods like parsnips, made my own Paleo mayo and experimented with turmeric milk. YuM. I did go through what the Whole30 timeline calls, "The Interlude" around day 21 where the thought of yet another compliant food or meal is enough to make you want to just not eat. But I got through it. My advice on those days is to just. get. through. it. Eat. And go to bed and wake up to another day. And try new recipes! That's a life-saver on Whole30 and a must. 

I'm feeling a tiny bit anxious on life after Whole30 and not sure yet how I'll reintroduce foods and whether it will be formal or not. We shall see. I can't believe I'm almost done!