Whole30 Week 2, Recap

I knew if I didn't sit down and write this, I'd blink and it would be week 3! Today is day 17 and I'm officially over halfway through my second Whole30. Crazy!

I haven't gotten food-bored yet, except maybe when it comes to carbs. Because let's face it - your main source of dense higher-carb foods comes from sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, and some fruit. How many different ways can I make sweet potatoes?

Diced and roasted, pureed with coconut milk and cinnamon, shredded like hash browns, whole, mixed in with white potatoes? Fun, Fun, Fun.

I've still had some hit or miss sleep and bladder pain, which got rather annoying. I'm not sure what during Whole30 triggers this but I think it happened last time too? I plan to chat with my doctor about it. Don't worry, I don't think these are "normal" Whole30 woes, just part of my makeup and being super sensitive to stuff and changes and all that.

I still feel like my blood sugar is super-stable and I don't feel hungry between meals. This is a HUGE WIN to me and means that i'm hugging that balanced blood sugar line a lot closer which is what my doctor wants. {praise hands!} I used to wake up feeling like I HAD to eat asap and now I don't. Even though I do try to eat within an hour of waking up which is a good policy for anyone I think.

I plan to try and pull out some new recipes for this second half so that I don't get bored.

Week 3, here we go!