Whole30 Week 1, Recap

For my first Whole30 two years ago, I wrote a quick daily recap which was kind of neat to read back over the other day. This time, I've decided weekly will suffice. Something about having two kids...

Today is day 8! Officially over 1/4 of the way through. Here's how its gone so far:

Food wise, it really hasn't been that tough. I feel like I'm at a place where the majority-ish of what I eat is real, whole food so it's not a complete overhaul; instead more of a tweaking here and there. No more Mission tortilla chips, no more chocolate, no more gluten-free cereal before bed.

The first few days were a little rough in that I had some uncomfortable symptoms and trouble sleeping. I found a super interesting article one night (while not sleeping) that discussed just WHY you may have trouble when beginning a Whole30 which put my mind and body to rest a little. You can check it out here

I just geek out over this kind of science!

As far as the other "uncomfortable-ness," it's not something I talk a lot about but one of the things I have dealt with over the past few years is some bladder irritation and possibly IC, intersticial cystitis. This is another blog post for another time and I don't have it completely all figured out yet. But my bladder is pretty sensitive and if I eat gluten, it doesn't like it. I'm still looking into autoimmune related issues and I did have one friend tell me that for some people, changing their diet to AIP for instance (autoimmune protocol) can trigger a flare. Think of "flare" as a bladder spasm feel in this case with lots of frequency / urgency. Fun stuff huh?! Anyways, when you cut out sugar, up your protein and fat, things change inside and I think I was probably half reacting to that and half reacting to some hormonal shifts. Good times all in all. But not really. 

I was actually starting to get worried but it's gotten better. I started making sure dinner included a nice amount of carbs and turning off my phone an hour before bed and relaxing in a warm epsom salt bath like I usually do. It worked. Better sleep!

Now, as far as week 1 benefits! (hopefully I didn't lose you with all the bladder talk. Isn't it an awkward word?) What's even more awkward is dealing with it at 34. Between it, MTHFR and my newly near-diagnoses-of-almost-Celiac, it gets kind of crazy town.

I really feel pretty good. I can tell my blood sugar is stable and more balanced because I can go longer between meals or snacks. I don't feel the need to snack like I did before or constantly eat all day. I don't wake up hungry with that low blood sugar feel. I don't feel tired after eating. My digestion has improved. I'm having fun trying new recipes like carrot fries with turmeric or salty kale chips. Tonight I did dip plantain chips into almond butter - hey O! That was good. But that's another thing the Whole30 does. It messes with YOUR MIND. Things start to taste good. Things like plantain chips in almond butter. #yumyum

I'm excited to keep going. Bring on week 2!