Post Office Tales - Part 1

It seems lately that people want to comment on my children while at the post office.

The first incident happened months ago and I truly meant to sit down and write about it - because it touched me. The second happened maybe a week ago. Both caught me off guard!

* * * * *

We were standing in line waiting to pay for our packages when the girl ahead of us smiled sweetly and started making conversation. "Ahh, they're so cute." You know, the usual. I don't know if she was married or had children of her own - I think neither - and we chatted for a second. All of a sudden, she broke my train of thought.

"That's really neat that they're so close together."

I can honestly say I've never once had that thought cross my mind. Our girls are five years apart. Five years and nine days. Close together??

I let the conversation roll around in my head for a while as I reflected and a new sense of gratitude washed over me.

All those years of waiting, hoping, crying. I never once thought, "Oh gosh, this is just so neat...I wonder what God will do." It was more, "What in the world are you doing? Why are you screwing everything up?"

Her words threw me.

Yes they may argue at 7 and 2; they may clash in ways that siblings closer together might not, but it IS neat. It's neat that they are together at all. It's neat that after four losses in four years, God granted us our heart's desire for a second child. It's neat that they are SISTERS and have each other. It's very neat.

Sometimes we simply need to flip our perspective. Easier said than done right? Another person looking from the outside-in may see our situation painted completely opposite how we view it. And give us something to be grateful for.

I think God plants people into our lives - even complete strangers - to do this for us at times. So be on the lookout. Be open to experiencing a shift in how you view your situation when the opportunity presents itself. I will probably always remember this girl's words that day and the new perspective they gave me.

When I'm tempted to wonder, "Why did it work out like that?" I can think instead, 

"Wow, that's really neat!"