You Do Know How to Eat - Sort Of

I felt like, "People don't know how to eat" might have been a little too broad-sweeping. Obviously, you know how to eat - you've been doing it for years and there are people out there who have dialed in and nailed down a way of eating that helps them feel their best, bring them joy, or that works for them outside of either of those two things. But some of the statements I hear or read make me think that others are still struggling.

Things like, 

"My co-worker just started a 500 calorie diet."

"I'm not working out or eating well, and my body is starting to hurt."

"I really want a cookie. But I know I can't have one - help!"

"I ate pizza today instead of a salad. I failed."

"When I exercise I am always starving and I need to try and curb that hunger."

Misconceptions about health and fitness abound! And it bothers me to know that depression, anxiety, poor sleep, mood disorders, hormone and fertility issues, and more are directly affected by what we eat. Instead of looking to our diets, we too often treat those things with prescription or over-the-counter drugs or go on restrictive and otherwise unbalanced diets to achieve better health. (And not that medicine does not have it's place - it certainly does.) But what I want is to crack the door open on another resource - your FOOD! There's a better way!

Thankfully you don't have to have a degree in Nutrition to figure it all out. Your body and how it reacts to what you eat provide an excellent road map if you'll stop to take a look - and listen. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I at a healthy weight for my body, height, frame?

  • Do I have joint aches and pains on a consistent basis?

  • Do I feel energized after eating, or tired?

  • Am I happy with my current health and body?

  • Am I sleeping well?

  • Do I need caffeine to stay awake and alert throughout the day and sleeping pills to go to sleep?

  • Is my digestion regular? 

  • Have I given up on the thought that my body could function at an ideal level and that food could make me feel GOOD?

  • Do I believe that to achieve health, I have to eat perfectly or give up anything fun, sweet, or yummy-tasting?

What's your score? =) JK. It's not a test. But your answers to the questions above are telling. And will start to give you a look inside as to how your body functions and the state of your health.

I'm excited to dive into and begin to talk about the things I've learned over the past several years and some key changes to my health and diet that have made a huge difference in my day to day life and well-being. I hope you'll come along!