Day 1. Post 1. Welcome!

Well, hello! And Happy September!


How did that happen? Didn't we just have Christmas? Wasn't I just sitting in the hospital bed holding my sweet, sweet baby girl?

Where did the time go? :-0 

I mean, I'm ALL for cooler temps and less sweating in general, but why does each passing year of my life go by so. stinking. fast? I don't understand it. Unless it's this thing they call getting older. eek.

But I digress. I'm happy you're here! I'm happy I'M here. It may not seem {or look} like much, but this little space has been stuck up in my head for quite a while now. However, a new baby, a new business, and lots and LOTS of laundry have kept me from it.

<<Why does the second child increase laundry ten-fold??>>

The Lord must have wanted me to finally pull it together today though as my motivation kicked into high gear and the baby napped for-evah.

I'm excited. If you've followed my/our story, you know I've been blogging for years off and on {@}, but I felt it was time for a new space. A new look. Because let's face it - my life does not look the same as it did five years ago!

I can't wait to tell you more. I can't wait to pour my heart out. I don't have a fancy camera. Most days I'm snapping pics of our fam with my iPhone so there will be some pictures - but mostly I wanted to write. I have so many things that pop into my head to talk about and things that keep popping up that I know i'm being prompted to share. But you know how it goes. Life is cray! Always.

I thought about putting this off and waiting to hit publish until I have new head shots, a logo, more fancy smanch. But that's been just my problem. I keep waiting and waiting and in the meantime, the itch to write isn't going away.

This space will evolve! And so will I.

I spent time on numerous "live chats" today figuring out logistics (thank you tech-y people!) and this is where I landed. I'm excited {did I already say that?} to see it unfold. And I hope you'll go with me on this journey. 

I'm just a Wife, Mom, and Health and Fitness Fan. I double-dip in the PB jar and a hot Epsom salt bath to end the day is my jam. Throw in a snack and...bliss.

It's a new month! New look. And a brand new name. Welcome!