10 Months

Krosby. I hope you'll forgive me kid. You haven't had an official monthly update since four months. Anddd that's what happens when you're baby #2 and momma's trying to build a business. So sorry sweetie. We still love ya!


I can't believe you're ten months old. That blows my mind. It goes by so fast {and yet so slow} all at the same time. The first few months are a blur, aka survival mode. But even as you slip out of that and into "OK, I think we're going to make it" mode, the days still fly by. You are such a joy. The other day I was thinking about our losses and I read a quote that was talking about how through the waiting, the losses, and the heartache, God was just preparing you. He wasn't done with you yet and it wasn't time for you to join our family. He was working on you that whole time and now here you are. Such a blessing.

What's going on with you at 10 Months?!


These are 9 month stats. (see above) Height: 27.5 (50%), Weight: 21.9 (90%), Head Size: 17.5 (60%).


You are a little butterball. And so squishy! You wear a size 5 Honest diaper. You might still be in a 4 but they run small and I sized up. You're wearing 9-12 month clothing and maybe a size 3 shoe? Honestly, you don't wear shoes much/hardly at all. #aintnobodygottimeforthat 


On a good night you sleep through the night. But we still don't have you going to bed early or at a proper ten month old's bedtime. You're typically in bed around 9:30-10:00ish. Usually a bath beforehand, some pj's, nursing and to bed. Paci + Sound Machine. If you're teething or going through a leap, you'll fight sleep or wake up in the middle of the night. But most nights are solid. I love seeing your face first thing in the morning!


You are still nursing like a champ. At your nine month appointment we talked about adding in some regular little meals so I've tried to do that. It's nothing super regimented. Breakfast is hit or miss but I've been giving you a little lunch and dinner each day. 

Foods you've tried: avocado, sweet potato, banana, applesauce, yogurt squeeze, green beans, pinto beans, all kinds of meat {your FAVE!} salmon, blueberries, butternut squash, yellow squash, peas, white potatoes, scrambled egg, banana + egg pancakes, gluten-free french toast (this morning!) Mum-Mum's, yogurt melts, and an oatmeal/quinoa blend.

You're different than your sister. You hate avocado and aren't much of a sweet potato fan. You love meat: deli turkey, roast, chicken, turkey sausage, beef, and salmon. You don't want me spoon feed you; you'd rather do it yourself!


You're not much into toys. {Maybe you don't like hand-me-downs?} You'd much rather crawl / walk around the house getting into things. You like to suck on Expo markers and chalk >> Mother of the Year over here. You're happy banging on the Direct TV box and messing up the settings or picking random items up off the floor to see how they taste. You like playing peek-a-boo with daddy and that makes you smile.

Other Things-

You are just a delight kiddo. Hard work, but a delight. YOU ARE WALKING. (gah, how I could forget this in the first draft?!) You started out taking a few steps about a month ago which led to four or five steps and then over the past week you've just taken off. You still crawl half the time.

I love your fluffy hair that keeps on growing and how happy you are to see Karlyn each day. Your little wave is pretty much the cutest thing ever and you can do it on command. We're working on clapping but so far you hit the top of one hand using the other. You don't like being told "No." You like to respond with a "EEeeh!" when you hear it. You have beautiful blue eyes and almost six teeth - two on bottom and three plus one any day now on top; you won't let me look.

You're squirmy during diaper changes and have to be holding some sort of distraction. You've attempted a couple of stairs. You still sleep with Ollie, your big giant mint green paci. Bless that thing. You really don't have any words just yet. For a while you were saying, "Ma ma ma ma ma." I can't wait to hear some soon! Your nicknames include: Kros-BO, Kris-Kross, Mae Mae and Big Girl.

We love you so much sweet girl. Stay little awhile. {You're not allowed to go past 1.}